Scripting page file modifications for Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003

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A useful new feature of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 is the PagefileConfig utility (pagefileconfig.vbs) which enables an administrator to display and configure a system’s virtual memory settings from the command line.

As this new feature is implemented as a Visual Basic script, I tried it on Windows Server 2000 and it works – with one proviso – before running the script, I needed to copy the cmdlib.wsc windows script component from Windows Server 2003 and register it (regsvr32 cmdlib.wsc /s). Just to be sure about the state of my Windows 2000 server, once the page file modifications had been made, I unregistered cmdlib.wsc (regsvr32 /u cmdlib.wsc /s) and deleted the file.

Of course, on useful parameter to have when scripting page file operations is the amount of physical RAM installed in the computer. For this, I used the getram.vbs script from Rob van der Woude’s scripting pages.

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