Office 2003 SP1 and enhanced junk e-mail filtering for Outlook 2003 released

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Last week, Microsoft released Office 2003 Service Pack 1. The service pack includes the many public updates and hotfixes that have been released since Office 2003 debuted in autumn 2003 and adds fixes to several other problems that Microsoft hadn’t previously documented. It also offers some new security functionality including the addition of several file types to the list of those that Outlook blocks (noteably: .asp; .tmp; .vsmacros; .vss; .vst; .vsw; and .ws).

Along with the main service pack, equivalent service packs for OneNote 2003, Project 2003 and Visio 2003 were released, as well as an update for Outlook 2003’s junk e-mail filter allowing it to automatically update the safe senders list with outgoing messages’ recipients. This update replaces the outlfltr.dat file that controls the behaviour of the filter and provides a more current definition of which messages should be considered junk, based on Microsoft’s most recent analysis of mail patterns from the massive volumes of spam that Hotmail servers receive.

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