Changes to functionality in Microsoft ActiveSync

As part of the current drive to increase the security of its products, Microsoft plans to remove some of the current remote synchronisation functionality in ActiveSync 4.0.

The following text is taken from an e-mail yesterday from Microsoft’s Mobility Partner Advisory Council to Windows Mobile Partners:

“We are hard at work refining the next version of Windows Mobile in terms of features and security. One of the items that we are targeting for removal in ActiveSync 4.0 is remote sync with a PC. In future versions, we are planning to discontinue remote (network) incoming support to desktop ActiveSync. This means that if you are currently developing a mobile redirector solution that depends on remote (incoming) connection to desktop ActiveSync, this may impact you. We want ensure that partners who use this feature have plenty of time to formulate alternate approaches and also consider feedback if you feel strongly that this functionality should be preserved. We also want to hear from any partners that feel the removal of this feature would directly break their code or impact their product roadmap.”

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