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In previous posts I’ve mentioned both the Microsoft at work and Microsoft at home microsites. Today I was directed to a new microsite – security at home, specifically the child safety online section.

I’m not sure if the world is really any more dangerous for children than it was when I was a child but I do know the media is all pervasive – we hear a lot more about the unfortunate events that do occur – and that as a parent I’ll do anything I can to ensure that my son is safe. At three months old, he’s a bit young to be using the Internet but this site looks a useful resource for anyone who has children aged between 2 to 17 and who use a computer with a connection to the Internet.

On a related note, a couple of week’s back I wrote about technology’s role in the demise of the English language. Well, for anyone (like me), who’s not as “with it” as we once were (omigod, and I’m only 32 – hellllllp!), whilst reading child safety online, I stumbled across a parent’s primer to computer slang (should that be $14NG?) and the netiquette 101 for new netizens.

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