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I don’t know anything about enterprise resource planning (ERP) products, except that SAP are a big player in this space (and that Microsoft runs its business on SAP with a 1.7Tb SQL Server database – pretty much the only non-Microsoft product in use there). Last night, Mat Stephen mentioned the Microsoft/SAP Alliance website and, after having taken a look this morning, the technology section (including details of how to integrate SAP and Microsoft products) looks pretty useful to me.

One thought on “Microsoft and SAP alliance site

  1. I know Microsoft has been trying to develop inroad to the Enterprise market for years – teaming up with the big boys is probably the right move.

    For the uninitiated, SAP is probably the second largest (and perhaps the most important) software company in the world. They make software that runs 90% of large companies ~ if you work in a large company, you’re working on SAP.

    SAP professionals are all very interested in the new SAP/Microsoft alliance.

    I’m no exception.


    Jim Stewart

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