MSI package for Mozilla Firefox 1.0

Back in February, I posted a blog entry about installing applications silently (or at least quietly), e.g. as part of an unattended build process. Thomas Lee added a comment about WIX (Windows Installer XML), which I had not mentioned because at the time I was hoping to find some time to review WIX myself; although Thomas’ blog probably has some more information on the subject.

One of my “problem applications” when it come to automated builds is Mozilla Firefox, which for some reason doesn’t seem to support a silent installation (or didn’t last time I looked). Well, today I found the YVG Software Services Mozilla Firefox 1.0 installer – so now you can get a copy of Firefox packaged in Windows Installer (.MSI) format.

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  1. I checked out inthewayboy‘s suggestion and this looks really neat. If you get the community edition there are administrative template (.ADM) files to control Firefox configuration via Active Directory group policy. FrontMotion have some other interesting products too, like a Flash-based Windows logon screen replacement (FrontMotion Login).

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