YADA (Yet Another Download from Apple)

(SUSE Linux has a setup tool called YAST – which stands for Yet Another Setup Tool).

This morning I turned on my PC and iTunes told me that there was a new version available for download (v5.0.1). In the four and a half months since I bought my iPod, I’ve had to download no less than 4 new versions of iTunes (even the version shipped in the box with the iPod was out of date). What I don’t understand is why iTunes doesn’t have its own update mechanism as this is getting silly now with a 32MB download for what would seem to be a minor release (which is presumably what the upgrade from 5.0 to 5.0.1 is). Co me on Apple – save me from all this YADA (Yet Another Download from Apple) nonsense.

One thought on “YADA (Yet Another Download from Apple)

  1. Just over two weeks on and I’ve just downloaded iTunes 6.0 – another 32MB download… when will Apple understand that I just want to download an update (not a whole new release)?

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