A business case for an iPod?

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Ever since the Apple iPod Nano was launched last September, I’ve been saying that I would like one (but can’t justify it because I only bought my iPod Mini in May last year).

Then, a few days back, I met up with a friend who is a professional photographer. He showed me his iPod with video and now that’s the one I want. I was always suspicious of how good a 2.5″ screen could be, but it really is clear and bright (even in daylight). My friend explained that by putting his portfolio onto his iPod he has already got two new commissions, meaning that it has effectively paid for itself already!

Now if only I could build a case for an IT Consultant to sell services via an iPod…

One thought on “A business case for an iPod?

  1. On a similar note, with the cost of the UK’s identity card system reaching £500, this week’s Computer Weekly noted that it would be cheaper to kit us all our with £140 iPod nanos at £140…then install a digital signature on them. Gets my vote!

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