Incessant infrastructure and tech gossip

It seems that you can’t please all of the people all of the time.

Alex accuses me of being Microsoft-sponsored and jumps in whenever I dare to criticise Apple (or, to be fair, anything he knows more than me about).

Then, a few days back, Sunny (who knew my blog before he knew me) remarked that I’d “gone over to the dark side” with “all this Solaris stuff”.

Actually, Jamie summed it up best of all when he christened my ramblings “incessant infrastructure and tech gossip” – it just happens that in the past I’ve written mainly Microsoft stuff because that’s what I know best, but there’s always been a bit of industry chatter and stuff about my home network or technology that excites me.

For everyone who has me in their feed reader for Microsoft-related posts, please bear with me – I’ve got a whole load of posts which are in a half-written state – I promise there will be something for you all soon.

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