Gagging orders…

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Oh! The joys of legal agreements… for the next 2 days, I’m attending the Exchange Server “12” Ignite training tour and the first thing I’ve had to do on arrival is to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) which prohibits me from reproducing or summarising any confidential information gained for the next 5 years! To be fair, these things are pretty standard and much of what I do at work is covered by one NDA or another, but it does effectively prevent me from writing about anything I learn on this course. I guess when the product is released to manufacturing, the information will cease to be confidential, but in the meantime I guess I’ll have to keep quiet about E12!

What I can say is that the bag provided as part of the delegate information pack reminds me a bit of my earliest experiences with messaging – my days a newspaper delivery boy.

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