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This example forum post history was stolen from James O’Neill. Given the comments I get whenever I write about Macs (like the prospect buying a Mac and installing an operating system that’s not OS X on it), it seemed kind of relevant:

A: I’m thinking of getting a new computer.
B: I’ve got a Mac, you should get one too.
C: Macs are pretty, but Windows is more flexible.
D: Windoze is evil man. Look at all the money M$ makes. You should get Linux [gives list of distributions].
B: Linux is hard. My granny can use a Mac, and she’s been dead for 10 years.
D: If she can’t build a kernel she shouldn’t have a computer, tree hugger.
C: Have you looked at Windows XP-Dead Grandparent Edition? It’s got lots of features [lists them. All of them].
E: Yeah, but that’s the problem XP DGE is so bloated. It’s been downhill since Windows 3.0, and we didn’t get viruses in those days.
D: And those features are just a cover for Micro$oft to steal your brain.
C: [Gives feature by feature justification, explains 15 years of changes in viruses. Denies brain stealing rumour. Misses meal].
A: None of you have given me a reason to choose one OS over another.
K: Why do you need a computer? In my day we did everything in the darkroom – computers are just cheating.
J: Hey, I’m new here and I’m not sure if this is the right place – does anyone have a recipe for pancakes?
L: Grab yourself a 3174 and run it green screen to an OS/390 host. If you’re short of cash then AS/400s are going for about £129 on eBay. Those fancy Mac things are really based on RS6000 technology anyway. Apple steal everything just like M$.
X: Nah – OS/390 hasn’t cut it since they renamed it Z/OS…

Sound familiar to anyone?

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