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This morning, the office has been full of much hilarity and mirth – as well as extreme geekiness.

It all started off when discussing the appropriate colour patch leads to use for a new network (really – network administrators will understand that this is important) and Nick suggested that the colour of the cable is related to the speed (it’s certainly true that the light blue cables which are our corporate connections have significantly slower Internet access than the yellow ADSL in the corner!). Allan had his own theory that whatever is planned, in reality cable colour is directly related to the proximity of the cable – it doesn’t matter what colour should be used, the answer is whatever is closest to hand.

Next comes in the Project Manager, looking for a “jealousy” of architects (she claimed that was the correct collective noun), which got me googling…

According to Chris Sells’ blog post on collective nouns for geeks, it’s a “glass house” of architects and a “slack” of project managers. There are some other funny ones in Chris’ post that I won’t repeat here but I’m returning to my glass house now. Really, I like to think of myself as just one element of a RAIG (Redundant Array of Intelligent Geeks), although based on our conversations today the use of the word intelligent is questionable…

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