Creating Windows file system shares remotely

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Yesterday, one of my colleagues came to me with a problem to solve. He wanted a user to be able to create a share remotely (i.e. without logging onto the server console physically or via terminal services). I suggested allowing the user access to a shared folder at a higher level in the directory structure and then, after they had connected to that share, they could create a new subfolder and share it out. Unfortunately, my colleague returned later to say that Windows doesn’t allow sharing of folders when connected via a share so he had to find another way around the issue – he found two possible answers:

Even though rmtshare.exe dates back to the days of Windows NT 4.0, I was able to use it to create a share (and delete it again) on a Windows Server 2003 server from a Windows Vista client (although I did have to elevate my permissions before it ran successfully).

2 thoughts on “Creating Windows file system shares remotely

  1. Could he not just have created the folder remotely and then used ‘Computer Management’ from his local PC to access the shared folders node and then create a new share that way?


  2. That’s a good suggestion Michael – I know he had some constraints on the type of access that the customer would let him have (I think it was something like their payroll system and they wanted IT administrators to have very limited access) but it sounds worth a try.

    Cheers, Mark

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