Mac 101 and Switch 101

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Last week I took delivery of my new Apple Macintosh. I’m still having some teething problems (more on that when I get a resolution to my networking issues) but right now the Mac is at home and I’m in a hotel in London, surfing and blogging from my Windows Vista notebook. Anyway, I just came across the Mac 101 and Switch 101 sections of the Apple website which are really cool resources for those who are getting used to a Mac for the first time (either as new computer users or switching from Windows respectively). Useful stuff.

I particularly like the Switch 101 tag line – “Lose Ctrl. Gain Command.”

2 thoughts on “Mac 101 and Switch 101

  1. Just got a imac.
    Trying to transfer files from PC to imac per switch 101.
    “It just works’ was one reason for buying the imac.
    However the scenerio seems to be turning into a situation of ‘technically correct- functionally useless’ the same as the microsoft situation I was trying to escape from.

  2. Welcome to my world! If you read other posts on this site you’ll see that Macs have problems too… the biggest of which is the failure to acknowledge such issues by the fanboys that worship everything Apple does… I tend to think of my Mac as a nice piece of PC hardware, that (sometimes) happens to run a different OS…

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