Avoiding compulsory website registration

I’m sick of giving out my personal details (even false ones) to websites that require me to register. A few months back I wrote about using a temporary e-mail address to avoid spammers but now (thanks to a comment on a post at 4sysops), I’ve discovered BugMeNot a site that allows ‘net users to bypass compulsory registration. Simply enter the URL for the website that requires registration and the site will tell you if it has a set of credentials on file that you can use.

Of course, there are sites that I do register with because they provide a service that I consume, but as Michael Pietroforte notes in his never sign up for ZDNet white papers post, sometimes it’s just a way to get your details (in this case from a company which has been accused of being a Spamhaus) and then refer you to a vendor’s own freely-available information.

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