WordPress blog fails with more than 10 e-mail addresses on a page

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Arghhh! I’ve just spent the last 3 hours trying to write a post on another site that I manage using WordPress. I can’t find anything on the support forums but it seems that every time a page or post includes more than 10 items that look like an e-mail address then the following message is displayed when an attempt is made to save it to the database:

Internal PHP Processing Error (#99911 – q:numberofemailaddresses) in /usr/home/username/public_html/wp-admin/post.php. Please contact support and include this message.

In my case we’re at a critical stage in the campaign and encouraging people to contact their local Councillor. With 11 Councillors on the committee the 10 e-mail address limit is frustrating…

I’ll post a link here if I ever get a resolution to this. In the meantime, if any WordPress or PHP experts have a suggestion for a fix or workaround, please leave a comment!

2 thoughts on “WordPress blog fails with more than 10 e-mail addresses on a page

  1. As a workaround, it should be fairly straightforward to write something like [[email=name[at]domain[dot]com]] and have it formatted as a proper email address through the magic of WordPress Plugins.

    That said however, we’re looking into your specific problem.

  2. It turns out that this is all down to anti-spam measures in the PHP configuration on the server and would affect any PHP application (not just WordPress).

    Luckily, I have an excellent hosting provider, who arranged for the necessary changes to be made to the PHP configuration on that particular page and allow me to work around the issue.

    Alex also wrote a WordPress plugin to filter e-mail addresses for me, which anyone else with this problem might be interested in but please note that it comes with absolutely no support or warranties and any use of this plugin is at your own risk.

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