Re-ordering my Flickr photostream

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Flickr logoI’ve started to use Flickr recently (I’ve had an account for 3 years, but I haven’t done much with it until now) and tonight I started to upload a selection of my photos.

I used the Flickr Uploadr tool and then set to work adding location details and generally familiarising myself with the site. After a while I noticed that, even though Flickr had read the EXIF data on the images to pick up the date taken, the photostream was ordered by the sequence in which I had uploaded the pictures (which was not chronological).

It seems that, even though individual sets can be re-ordered, photostreams are always presented in the order of posting, so effectively the only method to edit the order of images in a photostream is to change the posted date – an operation that cannot be performed in bulk, at least not with the Flickr interface.

After reading Jennifer Lyker’s post about bulk photo management in Flickr, I was just about to try out h4ppierphotos until I stumbled across details of a Mac OS X application called PhotoStream Sortr. The download link didn’t work but I found a copy on MacUpdate.

PhotoStream Sortr

Despite its name, PhotoStream Sortr only seemed to recognise sets (not the photostream) but, by adding all of the photos that I wanted to re-order to a new set, I was able to use it to update the posted time to match the date taken. Following this, I deleted the “re-order” set that I had created in Flickr, leaving my PhotoStream in the order that I’d like it to be viewed.

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  1. Foldr Monitr is also a great tool which runs in the background and watches a selected folder (and optionally subfolders) waiting for you to add photos to it. When photos appear in the folder, Foldr Monitr automatically uploads them to your Flickr account for you

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