Microsoft Licensing: Part 9 (useful links)

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When I set out to write a series on Microsoft software licensing, I never expected there to be a total of nine posts.

For those who missed the others, they were:

  1. Client and server.
  2. Licensing without CALs.
  3. Server products.
  4. System Center products.
  5. Virtualisation.
  6. Forefront security products.
  7. How to buy Microsoft software.
  8. Software Assurance.

In this final post in the series, I’ll provide some useful links to Microsoft software licensing resources.

To start off with, there’s the Microsoft Licensing Reseller Handbook – intended for partners but publicly available and packed with links.

For those interested in volume licensing, the Microsoft Volume Licensing Reference Guide is intended for customers and explains the various options that are available.

Next up, there’s Emma (Lady Licensing)’s Licensing and Software Asset Management blog… which has a stack of information but I do find it a little odd that almost the first thing you read on the site is a notice that shouts “DO NOT COPY CONTENT WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION” when the whole point is about sharing information (try Creative Commons) and much of that information appears to be a direct copy and paste from information provided by her employer (Microsoft)!

Other links that might be useful include:

If you have a licensing query and it’s not covered in any of the links here, call Microsoft – for UK customers the number is 0870 60 10 100.

Finally, I mentioned in the first post that this series has been based on information from a TechNet presentation at Microsoft UK – thanks to Jackie Elleker at Microsoft UK for presenting the information in a way that even I could understand – and for answering my many questions. Jackie has also produced a short video with Blue Solutions in which she explains many of the key points of Microsoft Licensing – including payment options.

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