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So, last night I was in the pub with Richard, Stuart and Alex and the conversation turned to Facebook. I felt like some sort of social leper as, until then, I hadn’t responded to the various Facebook requests that I’ve received and the extent of my online social networking was LinkedIn – which is a professional networking site – in fact I think the word pretentious was used by someone (a little harsh I feel).

Anyway, I’ve done it. I’m now on Facebook, and I wasted a good chunk of this afternoon there. I suppose it will be Twitter next (although I still don’t see the attraction there).

So if you are reading this blog and you know me personally then I’d be happy to hook up with you as a friend on Facebook (after all, social networks get pretty lonely if there is no-one there to socialise with). But, just as for my LinkedIn profile (where I only accept invitations from people I know, have worked with, and would be happy to work with again), I won’t accept invitations on Facebook from people I don’t consider to be friends – it’s amazing how many people think I would like to link to them because we work at the same company (even though we have never had any interaction).

Bah humbug!

3 thoughts on “(anti-)Social networking

  1. Twitter is great. My favourite part of Facebook is the status updates — see what your friends are doing at a glance. That’s all Twitter is. It’s like Facebook, but without the stupid zombie-pirate-warewolf rubbish.

    You can update Twitter by IM, web, desktop client, or SMS (inclusive, not premium rate, in the UK at least). There are also several iPhone apps for updating Twitter, that use the data connection so you’re not even using any of your text bundle.

    Finally, there’s a Twitter app for Facebook, which you can set to automatically update your Facebook status at the same time. I love Twitter. Can you tell? :)

    PS (off-topic): Get these blog comments Gravatar-enabled :)

  2. Yeah, yeah… gravatars require another plugin – and you already complain about the number of plugins I run on this site…

    (…anyway, as you know, a site redesign is also long overdue.)

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