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A few months ago, I wrote a post on customising Windows Server 2008 Server Core and Michael Armstrong tipped me off about a cool utility, written by former MVP Guy Teverovsky, called Core Configurator. I say former MVP, because Guy has given up that award to join Microsoft in Israel – and I’m not surprised, after his employer claimed it was their intellectual property (even though he developed it in his spare time) and asked him to remove it from the web.

Anyway, Core Configurator is intended to provide a GUI (strange as it may seem on server core) to aid in the initial setup tasks for a server core machine including:

  • Product activation.
  • Display configuration.
  • Date and time configuration.
  • Remote Desktop configuration.
  • Local user account management.
  • Firewall configuration
  • WinRM configuration
  • Networking.
  • Computer name and domain/workgroup membership.
  • Installation of server core features/roles.
  • Shutdown.
  • Reboot.

Because the tool has been removed from the web, it’s now pretty hard to get hold of, so download it while you can (there is another download location but this version has a slightly different filename and I cannot vouch for the file contents – i.e. I have not tested it). Once it’s gone, it’s gone – so don’t ask me where to get it if these links stop working.

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