Ready for an Xtremely Technical seminar on Windows Server 2008?

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I’ve always been impressed with John Craddock and Sally Storey’s presentations on Active Directory and related topics so, a couple of weeks back, I was pleased to catch up with them as they presented at the inaugural meeting of the Active Directory User Group.

In that session, John and Sally gave a quick overview of the new features in Windows Server 2008 Active Directory as well as the new read only domain controller (RODC) functionality and, if that whet your appetite (or if you missed it and think you’d like to know more), it may be of interest to know that John and Sally are running one of their XTSeminars later this month, looking at Windows Server 2008 infrastructure design, configuration and deployment. Topics include:

  • Building virtual environments with Hyper-V.
  • Creating high-availability with application and virtual machine clustering.
  • Windows imaging and the Windows Deployment Services (WDS).
  • What’s new in the Active Directory.
  • The benefits and caveats of Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC).
  • Windows networking with IPv6 and Network Access Protection (NAP).
  • Managing Server Core.

This is a chargeable event but I’ve never been disappointed by one John and Sally’s presentations, which are dedicated to delivering good technical content in a highly consumable format. For more information, and to book a place, visit the XTSeminars website.

(For a limited time only, using the code CC349, you can attend this two day event for just £349 For other seminars, try TN1384 for a 35% discount.)

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