Computer clamping

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There’s just been a bit of entertainment in the office where I’m working today as one of my colleagues accidentally locked his computer to the desk!

Having seen a spare desk with a full size keyboard, mouse, screen and port replicator/docking station, he hooked up his laptop and started working – only to find that the docking station had a security device attached and he couldn’t release the PC without a key.  Furthermore, the keyholder had already gone home and wasn’t answering his mobile phone.

To be honest, I would have fallen for this myself – I didn’t know that the security device worked that way (I would have assumed that I needed to lock the PC in place with a key and not just attach it to a locked docking station) but, for those with a permanent desk and a docking station in a predominantly hot-desking environment, this could become a lucrative sideline in computer clamping – the principle being that if someone uses your desk they can pay to have you come along with a key and unlock their laptop!

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