Detecting and fixing stuck pixels on an iPhone

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Last week I wrote that my iPhone had just been replaced under warranty but, just before it was swapped out, I decided to have a look at fixing the stuck pixels it had started to show.

Pixel Fix application for iPhoneFirst of all, I should explain that stuck pixels are just something that happens on certain types of display. Stuck pixels (which show a seemingly permanent red, green or blue whenever the device is switched on) are particularly obvious on a dark background, but can be fixed. Dead pixels just show nothing and are… dead – i.e. they show nothing.

If you have stuck pixels on your iPhone, then you’ll probably have seen them already (and if you haven’t, why worry?) but there is a test page to help you spot them. To fix them, check out Knox’s iPhone pixel fix web application, which runs a cycle of colours on the screen at a rate that the iPhone can cope with (rather than the animated GIF solutions that the author claims don’t work because the iPhone’s processor can’t keep up).

I seemed to work for me. Definitely worth a try to lose the annoying blemishes.

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