Managing your digital life

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Writers/podcasters/photographers/tech-guys Andy Ihnatko and Scott Bourne have kicked off a new blog (soon to be followed up with a podcast) called (MyDL is Manage Your Digital Life… not to be confused with the established tech blog My Digital Life, which, like LifeHacker, is one of my favourite blogs but I rarely read it because the content is produced faster than I can consume it!). The idea with MYDL is that the blog will support the podcast, which will discuss topics around… you guessed it… managing your digital life.

It’s early days yet but Andy’s Backup In Progress post makes some good points… I just wish it would dig a little deeper and provide some real guidance – hopefully that will come later but that’s why the jury’s still out on this one.

3 thoughts on “Managing your digital life

  1. @Duncan – I know how you feel – Im no fan of Scott’s “opinionated” views but he does have some good photograohy advice sometimes, and he’s probably pretty fine on the backup issues too (as long as you can ignore the Drobo ads)!

    I’m not sure how heavily Scott will feature in the MYDL podcast – thankfully he’s stepped aside for the majority of This Week in Photography recordings (and I stopped listening to the iLife Zone and MacBreak Weekly ages ago…).

  2. well i am still searching out what digital life, or digital lifestyle is…What do you think about those terms? Have any idea about their “well-accepted” definition?

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