Great tool for resizing virtual hard disks

Over the weekend, I wanted to build a guest VM quickly to show the effects of having the Integration Components installed (cf. one without) so I downloaded a Windows Vista Evaluation virtual machines from the Microsoft VHD Test Drive programme.

Unfortunately the supplied VHD only had 3GB of free disk space, so I couldn’t apply SP1 in order to install the Hyper-V integration components and, even though it was a dynamically expanding VHD, it had a maximum size set of 16GB.

VHD ResizerThat’s when I stumbled across a great tool for resizing virtual hard disk files – VHD Resizer (formerly VHD Expander). After telling it the source and destination file names, then leaving it to work it’s magic for a while, I attached the new (larger) VHD to my VM, expanded the volume in Disk Manager and was greeted with extra hard disk space.

This tool is definitely one to remember.

One thought on “Great tool for resizing virtual hard disks

  1. This is fine for resizing the VHD file, but what tool did you use to resize the partition? By the way, Hyper-V can do this natively.

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