Google Calendar Sync’s Outlook version check means it won’t work with the 2010 technical preview

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Yesterday I wrote about how I love Outlook 2010. I still do. Sadly Google Calendar Sync is coded to check for the version of Outlook in use and it doesn’t like version 14.

Error: Google Calendar Sync supports Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 only. Your version is

Oh well… guess that’s the price I pay for living at the cutting edge of IT!

13 thoughts on “Google Calendar Sync’s Outlook version check means it won’t work with the 2010 technical preview

  1. Hi Mark,
    any joy on this? I have just discovered the same problem!
    Apart from that, Office 2010 seems to live happily with Google Apps.


  2. Hi Paul – good to hear from you. Hope things are good!

    No luck making it work (can’t say I’ve tried much either)… I just run Outlook 2007 in a virtual machine (Windows XP Mode on Windows 7) so that does the GCal sync stuff for me whilst Outlook 2010 is my main mail client. Because I have Exchange Server at the back end (this is my work e-mail) then the two Outlook instances see the same data.

    Cheers, Mark

  3. No worries Mark,
    have heard of reg edits suggested to spoof a version number, but not had any success.

    All the best,

  4. My work around is to export contacts from Google apps mail in CSV format and then import them into contacts in Outlook 2010, then use a Chrome Window for Calendar.

    My Treo Pro syncs with the online Calendar and contacts anyway, so that works for me.


  5. Hi Mark.

    I have Outlook 2010 up and running with Google Calendar without any problems.

    I followed the instructions found here:

    With one slight modification. I just edited the version number, which is located in the same line from 14 to 12. After that Google Calendar runs without any problems. I haven’t discovered any major flaws with Outlook so far after editing the hexidemical values.

    But as always when trying something as experimental such as this: use it at your own risk :)

    Best regards,
    /Jon Hnefill Jakobsson

  6. @Jon – thanks for that tip. I tried this on 64-bit (the offset is 0x010995b2 with the CTP build) but sadly GCal sync fails with error 1011. I’m pretty sure this is an issue with a 64-bit copy of Outlook and a 32-bit plugin :-(

    Definitely worth knowing if you’re using 32-bit though…

  7. Hi again Mark.

    Yes I am on a 32-bit version. Dunno if Google made a 64-bit version of their plugin, but at least I can confirm it works like a charm on the 32-bit version of Windows 7.

    /Jon Hnefill Jakobsson

  8. I successfully used this hack on the 32-bit Outlook as well. However it is several months past this initial thread and they have probably produced several updates of the Outlook executable in that time. Therefore I had to hunt around a little bit in the file, but just searched in raw mode for ‘14.0.0’ and replaced the 4 with a 2. Works OK so far.

  9. I used the 32 bit Outlook 2010 hack running on a Dell machine with Windows 7 – 64 bit OS with success. Worked the first time though I am not really sure how I edited the right place as I don’t understand the hex thing.

  10. At the time many people experienced the problem with Outlook 2010.
    No need to worry as now Google Calendar Sync DOESN’T WORK AT ALL anymore , since Google suspended this service late 2014.

    Now we can yet again try to find a solution to the syncing of out calendars and contacts.

    Since I don’t want to be at the mercy of a free service that can change or cancel whatever they want at any time I have decided to fork out a small amount for a paid service that allows more freedom and also more stability seeing its a paid service.

    I found a little program called EVO Collaborator for Outlook (or ECO for short) which is very light (just 4mb) and it allows me to two way sync Outlook with Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo etc.

    And the setup is easy as hell too, as you can see from this blog post that covers the syncing setup for ECO

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