Live Meeting audio control codes

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“Webcasts”, “WebExes”, “Webinars” and “Live Meetings” are all horrible names for meetings conducted across the ‘net.  Admittedly these services cut down on travel (good for the environment and for the soul) and are better than voice conferences (yawn) but, sometimes, a face to face meeting is much more valuable.  Regardless of my personal views on these events, they seem to feature heavily in modern office life (I’ll be attending a few this week…) and I thought it might be useful to publish a few command codes for the phone conference service that is one of three methods for Live Meeting users to connect to the audio stream:

  • Chairperson codes:
    • #1 Participant roll call
    • #2 Participant count 
    • *2 Stop audio playback
    • *5 Mute/unmute participant lines
    • *7 Lock/unlock conference
    • *8 Record start/stop
    • ## End conference
  • Chairperson and participant codes 
    • *0 Operator assistance
    • #0 Conference help menu
    • *6 Mute/unmute own line 

These codes are from my BT MeetMe account; however I’m pretty sure that they are valid for the audio portion of any service based on Microsoft Office Live Meeting (the mute code certainly seems to work when I’m on Microsoft-hosted Live Meetings).

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