Why Windows Server User Group meetings are a bit like London buses

There’s a saying in the UK when multiples of something come along at the same time… “like London buses… nothing and then three at once” (based on the principle of bunching, for high frequency services – incidentally, that’s an alien concept where I live – we’re lucky if the bus shows up at all…).

Anyway, back to the point – hot on the heels of the Windows Server User Group (WSUG) meeting with Joey Snow, Mark Parris has arranged a second meeting to co-incide with the Microsoft UK TechDays – this time it’s on 13 April 2010 at Microsoft’s Offices in London (map and directions) and the speaker will be Dan Pearson, from David Solomon’s Expert Seminars.

Dan was formerly a Senior Escalation Lead at Microsoft, where he worked in the Windows Base OS team supporting Microsoft customers. Dan will be talking about Windows crash dump analysis as well as Windows performance troubleshooting and analysis.

Check out the event registration site for more details.

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