Useful Links: October 2010

A list of items I’ve come across recently that I found potentially useful, interesting, or just plain funny:

  • How to move your Windows user profile to another drive – Using symbolic links to move profiles around (via Malcolm Bullock)
  • StarWind V2V Converter – Another V2V conversion tool (via @WorkingHardInIT)
  • VMDK to VHD Converter – Convert virtual hard drive images from VMWare’s VMDK format into the Microsoft VHD format using a sector by sector copy operation (via @WorkingHardInIT)
  • Windows Phone 7 Resources – Mike Ormond’s “mega list” of Windows Phone 7 resources
  • Books.Show – Attractive Windows eBook Reader (via Mike Taulty)
  • Bend – Attractive Windows Text Editor (via Mike Taulty). See also:

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