A trip down memory lane: some old PC hardware prices

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Whilst clearing out my office I found some receipts. Nothing special there, except that these were for IT kit I’d purchased in the late 90s/early 00s. I couldn’t beleive how much I’d paid for some of this stuff:

  • Hayes Accura 56K modem (in December 1997): £139
  • Pretec Compact Flash (CF) 56K modem (in October 2001): AUS$280 (about £112 back then)
  • 64MB CF Card (in July 2001): £68 (and another £16 for a PCMCIA adapter)

That’s not a typo: that really was a 64MB flash card!

How times change!

One thought on “A trip down memory lane: some old PC hardware prices

  1. …yes I remember these days ….lol . There was a bang in 2002 when everything started to get cheaper FAST. In 2004 i bought a 2 GB memory stick for 50$ … I hate myself for that.

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