Locating Office 365 invoices

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Unlike me, who is not VAT-registered and only does his company accounts once a year when he needs to submit a tax return (usually on or around the last possible day…), my wife needs to be a bit more organised and, since she shares the same Office 365 hosting arrangements, I needed to dig out some VAT invoices for her today.  I can never remember how to do this, so maybe blogging it will help me in a few months’ time (and may help someone else too)…

  1. Sign into the customer portal.
  2. On the admin page, on the left pane, under Subscription, click Manage.
  3. Click on the plan name – for me, that’s Microsoft Office 365 (Plan P1).
  4. On the subscription details page click View bill.

If you want to download/print a bill, printable invoices and a graphical billing history are available (links in the top-right corner of the Online Bill portal)

Incidentally, I hadn’t previously noticed that the rate of VAT on my account is 23% – that’s because it’s billed in Ireland, allegedly to avoid* UK corporation tax…


*Tax avoidance is legal, even if morally dubious (particularly on the scale at which large corporations work). Evasion would not be

4 thoughts on “Locating Office 365 invoices

  1. Interestingly you cannot see this PDF option for printing a VAT invoice in Chrome or Edge, only Firefox worked for me.

  2. Agreed, but you would expect Edge to work really.I ended up calling them assuming there was an issue when it didn’t work with Edge, they asked me to try using Firefox and that worked. Hope it helps someone in future should the issue continue.

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