IT consumerisation: adapting to meet the demands of an evolving workforce

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I’ve written (and tweeted) quite a bit about IT consumerisation over the last year or two and tomorrow I’ll be joining a “think tank” on the Evolving Workforce as a part of Dell’s 2012 Technology Camp in London.  Being one of a panel will be a new experience for me but the only reason I’m there is because someone, somewhere has got the idea that I might have some opinions – and it’s the people who read this blog (and consume my stream of consciousness on Twitter) that have got me there… so thank you!

The discussion will work through three areas: people; productivity; and progress looking at topics such as the generational divide myth; recruiting and retaining talent; new working practices; technology choices; security; controlling costs and driving profit; and the impacts of geography and market sector on progress.

Now, this is where you come in – I do indeed have opinions on these topics but, as its the readers of this blog that have put me on the panel, I’d like to bring your views, opinions and experiences to the table:

  1. What do you think about consumerisation? Is it really a “megatrend” that threatens to turn enterprise IT on its head – or has it been blown out of all proportion?
  2. What are the challenges you’re seeing in your organisations as they grapple with the people, process and technology issues mentioned above?
  3. What should IT vendors be doing, collectively or individually, to evolve enterprise IT and to help our customers negotiate this minefield?

If you’d like to take part in the discussion join the live stream or tweet using the the #DellTechCamp and #workforce hashtags tomorrow afternoon (31 May 2012) from 14:15 BST.

3 thoughts on “IT consumerisation: adapting to meet the demands of an evolving workforce

  1. Certainly a hot topic!

    1: Yes, it is most certainly a trend – every customer we have wants to know about this stuff – what it means, how they can address it, how they can secure it. In fact I would say there is more oof a buzz about BYOD (or whatever it is called this month) than cloud!

    2: The main issues seem to be around policy – and in particular tax implications if a contribution is given.

    3: Vendors with an interest in BYOD should be lobbying the inland revenue for a blanket statement on dispensation against tax for employer contributions towards a BYOD model.

    I’ll try and follow the debate but if you get chance to summarise on your blog after the event I am sure your legions of readers would appreciate it!

  2. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the reply – and it’s good to hear that you find it’s real too – and not just vendor hype. Interestingly, I spoke with a former colleague this morning who said that, when you drill down to what people want it’s actually more choice – and that once the realise that BYO has implications around device wiping, non-availability for family use in work time, costs (to provide the IT) it’s really about giving people a selection of devices that are “sexy” rather than just the standard corporate brick…

    I’ll try and include your opinions on the panel if I get the opportunity – and, yes, I’ll certainly try to sum things up on the blog afterwards! (“legions of readers”… not sure I have quite that many ;-) )

    Cheers, Mark

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