Problems removing storage resources from Windows Azure virtual machines

This content is 11 years old. I don't routinely update old blog posts as they are only intended to represent a view at a particular point in time. Please be warned that the information here may be out of date.

Last year, I wrote about creating a virtual machine on Windows Azure, using the IaaS capabilities of the platform.  My free 90 day subscription is coming to an end so I needed to remove all resources before they become chargeable (running or otherwise). The problem was that, after the deleting the virtual machine, I couldn’t remove the storage because:

Storage account […] has 1 container(s) which have an active image and/or disk artifacts. Ensure those artifacts are removed from the image repository before deleting this storage account.

That wasn’t too helpful as I couldn’t find anything that looked like an “image repository” in the management console.  Thankfully I found the answer on

“[…] even if you’ve already deleted all of your Virtual Machines and it shows 0; there still will be artifacts under the disks tab”

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