Google Reader is retired next week – have you switched to Feedly?

Next week, Google is set to retire Google Reader. When I wrote this post (back in March), almost 75% of the subscribers to my feed (already dwindling, partly as a result of Google algorithm changes that seem to penalise independent views in favour of branded content) came via Google Feedfetcher (used by Reader to grab RSS or Atom feeds), suggesting that lots of you use Google Reader.

Hopefully you’ve all found a way to move forward but, if you haven’t, I recommend checking out Feedly.

If you migrate before Google turns off Reader, it’s a one-click migration (just log into Feedly with your Google account) – I did it weeks ago and haven’t looked back since!

Here are a couple of links that might be useful:

Now I need to look at moving my site’s RSS away from Feedburner, before Google kills that off too (I’m sure it’s only a matter of time…)

2 thoughts on “Google Reader is retired next week – have you switched to Feedly?

  1. Have you checked out CommaFeed ? I tried Feedly, even with the reader skin it just didn’t feel right after years on reader, but Commafeed might just do. Eagerly awaiting what Digg and FB might release though. Google on the other hand need their heads looking at :-)

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