Lyncing to Asterisk

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I’m seeing increasing interest from customers in the enterprise voice functionality in Microsoft Lync – particularly for customers who already have an investment in Microsoft products for email, instant messaging and presence (Exchange and Office Communication Server or Lync).

One of my colleagues, Garry Newsham, shared an interesting link with me recently about integrating Lync with the open source Asterisk platform. Whilst this isn’t something I expect many enterprises to be looking at, it might be a project for smaller organisations.

As for me, maybe I’ll have another go at getting IP telephony working in my house, linked to my Office 365 Lync subscription…

One thought on “Lyncing to Asterisk

  1. I’ve successfully got Lync on-premise and Exchange UM (also on-premise) working with my asterisk (freepbx) servers, but struggling to get it working with Office 365. I’ve got an office 365 hybrid deployment and you need a SBC device to sit between Office 365 and asterisk. I’m trying to get OpenSBC to work, but not having much luck at the moment.

    This is also just my home “testing” deployment and, I have to admit, is a rather elaborate way of getting my “landline” onto my windows phone!

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