Finding the PDF for my Office 365 invoice

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Yesterday, I completed the accounts for the now-defunct company I used to run for my writing and consultancy, outside my main job. I closed that down several months ago (I haven’t written a paid article for a few years now and running my own consultancy clashes with the day job) but the tax return deadline looms…

…which means I need to gather receipts, including the PDFs for my Office 365 subscriptions.

Every time I do this, I have to search to find where the link is… so I thought I’d blog it and maybe next time the results will be on my own site (although by then the new Office 365 admin center  will be in place).

The billing overview doesn’t have the link to view the PDF – for that you have to view the order details – and it doesn’t currently work in Chrome – I had to fall back to Internet Exploder this time (although at least the website recognises this and it warned me).

Office 365 Billing - Order Details

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