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I’ve been doing a lot of Azure reading recently and it struck me that there are many different URLs in use that would be useful to record somewhere.

John Savill (@NTFAQGuy) has noted the main ones in his Windows IT Pro post on Azure URLs to whitelist but I’ll expand on them here to highlight the purpose of each one (and to add some extras):

* is still used for the legacy (classic) Azure Service Manager (ASM) portal. redirects to

* is used for the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) portal. redirects to


This URL pattern is used for access to Azure Storage:

  • File access:
  • Containers in blob storage:
  • Table storage:
  • Queue storage:


Domain name used for cloud services.


Domain name used for Azure App Service websites. Each site also has Kudu at


Domain name used for Azure SQL database.


Domain name used for Azure Traffic Manager.


Content Delivery Network (CDN) endpoints are available via


Domain name used for steaming media services (


Domain name used for the Microsoft Online Services tenant ( – shared between multiple online services, including Azure but also Office 365, etc.

[Edited 12/9/16 – updated to include streaming media services and tenant URL]

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