Useful TCP and UDP port numbers

Having spent the afternoon configuring Windows Firewall exceptions, I thought I’d post some links to useful port number information.

Of course, %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\services contains port numbers for well-known services defined by IANA, but this is an incomplete list and the up-to-date version is on the IANA website.

Although now out of date (superseded by the RFC 3232 online database), the missing table of contents for RFC 1700 (assigned numbers) provides links to a pile of useful information that doesn’t seem to be covered in RFC 3232. This information is not just from the RFC and includes links to items such as country codes from ISO 3166, although a more up-to-date list of country codes is available on the ISO website (note that the ISO country codes do not necessarily equate to the top level domain codes, e.g. United Kingdom is GB in ISO 3166, but both GB and UK on the IANA website).

Finally, the ISS website has details of commonly used ports (along with some descriptive information) for Microsoft services as well as other vendors.

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