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I’ve just installed a really cool visualization for Windows Media Player 10 – Energy Bliss. A chilled-out graphic equaliser display with inline album artwork and track information.

For anyone who is still using Windows Media 9 Series, check out the Rhythm and Waves visualization.

These visualizations (and more) are available from the Microsoft website.

5 thoughts on “Visualizations for Windows Media Player

  1. Are there any other visualizations available for Windows Media Player other than the ones from the Microsoft site?? I listen to alot of New Age music and would like one that matches the peacefulness of the music.

  2. is there any visulations that i can get that are like/ as good as the standard one that comes with itunes? it doesnt compare to anything ive seen from windows yet, its not bricky and its a keeps changing (ie the pattern changes)

  3. I ‘ ve got Windows Media Player 9 Series and there is only Rhytm & Water . I am lokking for another Rhytm visualizations . Where could I find and download ? I won’t inscriptions on the background in Windows Media Player . I am creating music video with my own music . Anywhere inscriptions or signs are not needed for my music videos.. Some visualizations have already been used so I do not like to repeat the same. Please help me find some visuals with Rhythm . I shall be very grateful.

  4. Sorry for my mistake . I wrote ” I am lokking … ” but it should be ” I am looking … ” .

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