Get safe online

I was at Microsoft’s UK campus last night where, since last week, lots of plastic cubes (just like the logo below) and even stickers on the mirrors in the washrooms have appeared displaying the message “Get Safe Online”.

Get Safe Online

No-one from Microsoft was allowed to say what it’s all about yet, but some quick googling turned up the National High Tech Crime Unit (NHTCU)’s Internet safety campaign – Get Safe Online (Project Endurance), which is a joint government and private sector initiative aimed at helping consumers and small businesses to use the Internet safely (due to be launched at the end of October) with partner organisations including the UK Government, BT, Dell, eBay, HSBC, LloydsTSB, MessageLabs, Microsoft UK, the NHTCU, Securetrading and Yell.

So far GetSafeOnline is just a single page, but I’m sure more will follow.

Other Internet safety sites include the United States GetNetWise initiative.

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