Release of the next Windows Vista CTP may be imminent

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This afternoon, I heard the clearest indicator yet from someone close to Microsoft that the next Windows Vista community technology preview (CTP) release is imminent – it may even be made available as soon as tomorrow. Furthermore, as widely reported in the media, there will not be a second Windows Vista beta (there is already some confusion over this because earlier CTPs have included the magic words “beta 2” in places).

I commented a few months back that releasing a series of CTPs as well as the normal series of beta and release candidates would be too much to fit in – it remains to be seen whether there will be further CTPs (I would expect at least one more in April) or if Microsoft will move back to the traditional release candidate model.

Meanwhile, at least in public, Microsoft are sticking to their schedule of shipping Vista in the second half of 2006 – my gut feeling is that whilst RTM may well be achieved in 2006 general availability will not be until early 2007.

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