Amazingly, excellent customer service in PC World!

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PC WorldI honestly never thought I’d see the day when I would praise PC World (or any DSG International store) for their customer service but, credit where credit’s due, tonight I was pleasantly surprised (although a Google search for DSG Retail will turn up many unhappy customers).

Toshiba PX1223E-1G32 320GB External Hard Disk

A few weeks back, I bought myself a Toshiba 320GB 7200 RPM external USB 2.0 hard drive with 8MB data buffer – a bargain at £109.99. It’s been so good that last night I dropped by on my way home to buy another one (to back up my data – disk is so much easier than tape). The price had increased to £119.99 but after making the effort to visit the store, I bought one anyway.

When I got home, I checked the web and found that the best online price was also from PC World, who were selling the same item online for £99.99 with free shipping (or collection from store). I understand that online prices should be lower than instore (lower overheads, etc.) but decided to return the disk and buy it again online at the lower price. Before I did that, I needed to call PC World and check the returns policy (for unwanted goods it is “at the manager’s discretion”) before committing to buy another.

Unfortunately for me, the Internet price increased overnight to £109.99 but that’s still a tenner less than I had paid, so this evening I returned the disk, explaining that there was nothing wrong with it – I’d just be saving myself a few quid by buying another one on the ‘net.

Unexpectedly, the staff member that I spoke to not only refunded my original purchase, but then ordered me one at the web price, which I then “collected” and paid for (of course, it was the same one I’d just taken back). She explained that they are not supposed to do that, but understood that it saved me from making another trip (or waiting for delivery). I won’t name the store or the staff member because I don’t want to get them into trouble; but if you’re reading this – thank you.

(I then drove home very carefully, watching out for flying pigs and an ice-skating Devil).

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