Crack in iPhone case: Replaced under warranty by Apple

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Alex says that I write too much about Microsoft and not enough good news about Apple… and there’s a reason for that (two reasons actually).

Anyway, here’s a good news story about Apple. My iPhone 3G has developed a crack in the case. In fact, there’s not just one crack on the side but a number of hairline cracks too – almost like the rings if you cut through a branch or a trunk on a tree. Is that the good news? Well, no, but I took it into my local Apple Store, where a “genius” took a look, agreed that it was not desirable and that the rest of the handset was in mint condition and ordered me a replacement. That’s the sort of customer service that I expect from a vendor of a premium product and I’m pleased so see Apple respond in this manner (especially as this unit was actually purchased from Carphone Warehouse – it’s a pity that it took a week to get a replacement unit but at least my phone wasn’t dead so I could us it in the meantime).

Unlike the issues I’ve been experiencing with my MacBook (where there is clearly a design fault), this probably stems from carrying the phone around in various pockets (but, after all, that’s what you do with a mobile phone!) and the curved side of the case being a point where particular pressure is exerted. The replacement unit may not be new (possibly “remanufactured” – i.e. new case, new screen, new battery, someone else’s old circuit board) but it’s impossible to tell and it seems reasonable, given that the original phone was not new either (just in “as new” condition). Swapping the phone over was simple. After switching my SIM to the new handset, the Apple Store activated the phone and I simply restored a recent backup in iTunes. I need to register the MAC address on my Wireless Access Point and if I had insurance I’d need to let my insurer know that I’d changed handsets but other than that everything seems good.

Whilst on the subject of the iPhone – I previously wrote about how I had applied an InvisibleSHIELD to my iPod and iPhone 3G. Whilst the iPod is still happily wearing its shield, the iPhone is no longer as it started to peel away at the edges and also experienced some discolouration (turning blue as the dye from my jeans transferred to the plastic). These days my iPhone lives in a leather case that I picked up at an O2 store and that seems to be doing a pretty good job of keeping the device in good condition.

2 thoughts on “Crack in iPhone case: Replaced under warranty by Apple

  1. You cracked your iPhone because it was in your back pocket and you sat your big fat ass on it! LOL

  2. Hi there,I was very interested to read your comment,My iphone 16GB White is coming up 10 months old and i fancied a new 32GB 3gs one,so i carefully took my 3G iphone out of its Rebel Capsule case,and smiled to my self on how mint the phone was totally scratchless!!Which is good considering that i was going to ebay it!!Then to my dismay i saw the cracks!everywhere! around the switches and in particular the speaker and microphone ports at the bottom.Now my iphone has allways been babied(I purchased it outright from O2 on pay and go),it has never been in a jeans pocket,and 9/10 its lived in a jacket pocket!Im disgusted at this happening,and never had this happen on any phone before!I absolutely believe this is caused by the manufacturing process and not by any form of treatment.I hope that they replace mine!!

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