Announcing posh-o365, a collection of PowerShell scripts for Office 365 management

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I have a growing collection of PowerShell scripts for Office 365 management and, whilst I may not be the best scripter/coder out there (I’m pretty sure there are many people who could look at my scripts and say “there’s a better way to do that”), I’m open-sourcing them in the hope that others will contribute.

The current scripts are:

  • Connect-O365.ps1 – connect to multiple Office 365 sessions in a single PowerShell window.
  • Check-ODBQuotas.ps1 – checking a list of UPNs to see if their OneDrive for Business folders have been created and, if so, if their quotas need to be set.
  • Set-O365Licences.ps1 – setting usage locations and applying/removing licences for Office 365 users.
  • Set-ODBQuota.ps1 – setting a quota for a user’s OneDrive for Business folder.

More details on the use of these scripts can be found in the readme file for the project.

Others scripts are in development for:

  • Setting restrictions on audio/video settings in Skype for Business Online.

This collection is up on github under the name of posh-o365 and I’d be interested to hear what people think of these, and what other scripts might be useful for performing Office 365 management tasks at scale in an enterprise context.

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