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I confess.

I don’t own an iPod.

I think they look great, but I just don’t need one (and I have concerns about the use of Apple’s proprietary AAC media format).

I like technology.

I am also a photographer, which makes me passionate about some of the fantastic images I see around me every day – like some of those featured in advertisements – and I think the silhouetted Apple iPod ads are cool.

Now there is iPod My Photo, which lets you turn any image into a mock iPod advert. You can choose one of 5 background colours, add a caption, and optionally add an iPod into the photo. Look closely and they’re not just 2-tone – check out the samples to see the shadow details etc.

All I need to do is select the right photo…

5 thoughts on “Make your own iPod advert

  1. Hmm… yes, I enjoy photography (I’m not an electronic artist) – that means I create images using a camera (not a computer). I do use Photoshop occasionally to do some post-processing, but I’m no Photoshop expert and the whole point about creative photography (rather than taking snapshots – a category into which most of my efforts would fit) is the creation of the image in the first place.

    Maybe I could do this with Photoshop, but I reckon it would take me a while to figure it out… and I put a higher value on my time than the twenty bucks it would cost me to buy one online.

    (It looks like Apple have enforced their trademark since I wrote the original post – the site has now been renamed to iPop My Photo).

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