New e-mail message continuity services

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I’ve just read about a new message continuity service from FrontBridge, designed to provide always on e-mail in today’s environment where e-mail outage is seen as a major business continuity issue.

Complementing the other e-mail managed services offered by FrontBridge, Active Message Continuity provides:

  • Always on e-mail continuity and disaster recovery with no need to “flip a switch”.
  • Interception-based archiving to capture messages “in stream” after filtering for spam, viruses and other unwanted content.
  • Continuous access via a web interface.
  • A fully managed service, starting from $1/month/user.

FrontBridge is already well established in the e-mail application service provider (ASP) market, but this new product is a key differentiator allowing FrontBridge to offer message compliance, message security and message continuity at a time when competitors such as MessageLabs are concentrating on just one area – that of message security (anti-virus, anti-spam and content control).

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