Don’t get caught out by Virtual Server’s built-in DHCP server

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A couple of weeks back, I was testing a DHCP configuration scenario using a number of virtual machines and needed them to obtain their IP addresses from a Windows 2000 DHCP server within my virtual network. That should work, but for some reason, my virtual clients were picking up strange private IP addresses in the range (not even the familiar automatic private IP addresses in the range After a while, I discovered that Virtual Server has the capability to provide its own DHCP service and that this was enabled. By editing the configuration for the internal network I was using, I could disable Virtual Server’s DHCP server, allowing my clients to locate the correct DHCP server.

4 thoughts on “Don’t get caught out by Virtual Server’s built-in DHCP server

  1. Thans dude. Youre a live saver. I was booting WinPE created with BDD. But it found the wrong DHCP. Now i know. I disabled it and WinPE is working like a charm.


  2. Thanks, saved me a lot of time when I Googled for to find out why on Earth I was getting that instead of an IP from the range I expected from our internal DHCP server :)

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