Microsoft solution accelerator for business desktop deployment (BDD) v2.5 released

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Thomas Lee reports that Microsoft have released updated versions of the business desktop deployment (BDD) enterprise edition and standard edition solution accelerators.

As he provided my BDD training, Thomas knows far more on the topic than I do and his blog carries details of the improvements in BDD v2.5.

If BDD is a mystery to you, check out my post from earlier in the year about the Microsoft solution accelerator for business desktop deployment, the Microsoft solutions framework and the Microsoft operations framework.

5 thoughts on “Microsoft solution accelerator for business desktop deployment (BDD) v2.5 released

  1. Here’s a quote from Microsoft on What’s new in the Solution Accelerator for BDD v2.5:

    “Version 2.5… includes many improvements over version 2.0 and addresses issues that customers reported with version 2.0. For example, version 2.5 now supports unattended installations of Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, and the Computer Imaging System contains usability improvements such as per-build action lists. Version 2.5 also contains updated documentation, including an improved Security Feature Team Guide, an Application Compatibility Feature Team Guide that is updated for the Application Compatibility Toolkit 4.0, and a new Supplemental Applications Feature Team Guide that provides better guidance for repackaging applications and automating their installations. Last, version 2.5 improves the reliability, versatility, and manageability of Zero Touch Installation (ZTI). For example, you can now monitor ZTI progress by using MOM 2005.”

  2. I have now returned from the pilot training course. It was awesome, with working examples of MOM and ZTP. I did NOT get VMs to take home to play with :-(( but these are coming.

    [shameless plug]
    I’ll write more about BDD 2.5 in my blog shortly.

  3. Je suis NIZAR du Gecol au LIBYE, j’ai un problème au niveau software du BDD entreprise 2.5 au serveur.
    Ces pour ça je demande de m’aide a le répare.
    Toute est bien range sauf que des que je lance pour créer une image iso, Image Lab. ou une Image Deploy elle sort un message inconnue!
    J’ai tout vérifier est rien ne change, je voudrais simplement une solution de la votre, a moi.
    Le message reçue, ces ce lui ci:-

    A non-zero return code was returned by DRVINST, rc=3 See “C:\DOCUME~1\bddadmin\LOCALS~1\Temp\1\BuildCD.log”for more Information.

    J’ai cherche partout pour savoir de quoi s’agit il ce message ? J’ai trouve que ci je supprime les driver ce qui sont copier au path NIC du network card. La création du iso ce termine, et de que je mes les driver vert le path NIC ça sort le message que vous avez un problem.

    Est-ce que ces le BDD version n’est pas bonne?
    Ou bien s’agit il une phase que je n’est pas fait?
    Merci pour votre attention est bye bye.

  4. En Français:

    Bonjour Nizar,
    Malheureusement, mon Français n’est pas assez bon pour comprendre votre problème (et moi compte sur des outils de traduction d’Internet pour écrire cette réponse). Je vous suggère essai les newsgroups de Microsoft pour voir si n’importe qui peut aider.

    Bonne chance, Mark

    In English:

    Hi Nizar,
    Unfortunately, my French is not good enough to understand your problem (and I’m relying on Internet translation tools to write this reply). I suggest you try the Microsoft newsgroups to see if anyone can help.

    Good luck, Mark

  5. I have problem with deploy Imaging WINPE Deploy created by share server deploy Win2003 ?
    just I will write run the third script to enjoy server deploy running with 40% after this it stop to run and contunious!
    I have this message ” A non-zero returned code was returned by the imaging tool, rc = 11 Review the imaging tool error log for mor information.
    thank you ..

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