iPod Nano – I want one!!!

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A few months back I bought an iPod Mini and became an iTunes convert! Now Apple have replaced the iPod Mini with a similar (but pencil-thin), flash-based device (presumably because the miniature hard drives were sometimes hard to get hold of in sufficient numbers) called the iPod Nano. Like recent full-size iPods, the Nano has a colour screen for viewing album artwork and as my new company car has a 3.5mm jack for MP3 player input to the audio system I won’t need my iTrip any more…

The trouble is, it’s really hard to justify replacing one excellent (nearly new) device with another one that’s functionally similar but smaller and with a colour display (oh yes, and just as expensive). Maybe one day they’ll be able to bring a 60Gb flash-based iPod to market (that I could fit all of my music on) for about £100. Now that would be cool.

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