Is someone trying to hijack my domain?

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As you are reading this blog, you can see that I own the domain. I also own (even though the address details are out of date) but evidently someone out there thinks that they do and it’s getting kind of frustrating because I’m getting e-mails from people trying to get in touch with someone who is obviously giving out their address using my domain name!

So far I’ve had a quote for web design services (or is that a hint?!) and information about some conference (initially a declined credit card and then details for joining the event).

Because I try to be a good ‘net citizen, I advise people that they are using the wrong e-mail address (and most will update their records, or pick up the phone and call the guy – I can’t because I don’t have his details) but this is getting annoying now… could this be a bizarre method of generating spam in my mailbox?

If you think your e-mail address ends with, then I’m sorry but it doesn’t! Likewise if you’ve paid someone for that domain name, you’ve been a victim of fraud…

One thought on “Is someone trying to hijack my domain?

  1. Hi Mark,

    with the state of information and knowledge about ourselves all over the net these days unscrupulous souls can build up a profile of us and execute identity fraud – if these annoying communications persist it’s worth sending a short email to the boys-in-blue to let them know…

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